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Husker coaches breaking down the signees: Wide receivers

Nebraska bulked up their numbers at the wide receiver position in a big way in this recruiting class.

Nebraska assistant coaches gave their impressions of each of the 24 signees from the 2018 recruiting class at speaking engagements around the state in recent days. We're going through the different position groups one by one, with analysis from the coaches themselves.

We've already been over the linebackers and defensive backs and defensive linemen and running backs and offensive linemen. This space belongs to the wide receivers, with thoughts from offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Troy Walters, and also running backs coach Ryan Held, who spoke about all the offensive players to fans in Grand Island.

You'll see the word "mismatches" appear often enough. It's all about finding guys who can create them.

JUSTIN MCGRIFF: "We're always looking for good matchups," Walters said. "He's a guy with great size and length, athleticism. We can line him up inside and outside. He can have the frame to put on some weight. He'll be an athletic tight end/athlete that we can move around and create mismatches."

Added Held, "Justin's a guy that we originally had committed to UCF. He was in my area in Tampa. I mean, this guy looks like a small forward in basketball. He's 6-foot-6, 205 pounds. He is a mid-year guy for us, which is big. He's a guy that will grow into a tight end. But right now I think he has a chance to play wide just because he's a little thinner at this point. But when he gets in that training table -- we spend about $3.3 million on food for these athletes with that good Nebraska beef to feed to our guys -- and when we get him in our strength program and everything, he will grow into a tight end. But I think Year 1 he'll have a chance to play out side just because he's a mismatch nightmare.

"His arms, he can touch the ceiling in here. So that's what we needed. We needed some taller kids out wide as well. He brings that to the table. ... Once he gains more weight, then you're talking a 6-foot-6, 240-pound guy that is going to be an absolute disasters for linebackers and safeties moving forward."

MIKE WILLIAMS: "Mike reminds me of myself," Walters said. "Undersized. Great work ethic. Runs great routes. Has great speed. Can catch the ball. We're going to use him more in the slot and create mismatches on linebackers and safeties. He's done a great job since he's been here. I think he's added about eight to 10 pounds of muscle already."

Added Held, "If you've watched some of the stuff on 'Last Chance U,' they have a documentary of junior-college football. Because I was a JUCO coach for four years, so what he went through was what I dealt with my guys. He was at East Mississippi junior college, but he originally was from Florida. So Coach (Sean) Beckton and Coach (Travis) Fisher, they remembered him coming to camp. He went to Georgia Southern out of high school. And you know that triple-option offense Georgia Southern ran. He went there as a wingback and said, 'I don't know if I want to do this.' So he went to junior college last year and (we) ended up building a relationship with him. We beat Tennessee because Tennessee wanted him. We ended up getting him in school before the start of semester .... coming the last weekend and just staying.

"He's done a tremendous job. He's a great kid. He's about 5-10. He's been working very hard in the offseason. He's going to give us one of those slot guys that can get open and be a vertical threat. He can be a punt returner, a kick returner. Again, in Coach Frost's offense, we need bigger guys, but we need these peas that can run ... that's what we gotta have."

JARON WOODYARD: "Speed kills, and he's a guy that can flat-out run," Walters said. "We're going to stretch the defense with him ... He can take the top off the defense. He's got some work to do academically. He's taking care of business and we look forward to get him in May and get him acclimated to the offense."

Added Held, "He's a 10.4 100-meter guy. Probably one of the faster kids in the country. Played at Arizona Western. Really good program. They've been in the back-to-back championship games. (Greg Bell) also came from there. But this guy right here is a game-changer. He's a take-the-top-off guy. Memorial Stadium, 50-yard bombs, post route. If the safety comes up on our No. 2 guy and it's one on one, she's over. So he's a guy, we needed to get a deep threat, older kid.

"Now it was big for us to get Stanley Morgan back, right? That was big for us. So now you get Stanley Morgan, you get (JD) Spielman, you get some of the other guys coming back, now you add this guy and Mike Williams and some of the other guys, now we got a lot of tools to play with, some toys out there that can be fun offensively. ... Like Coach Frost said in the deal, they got to adjust to us now, what we do. We're not going to back down to anybody. But a guy like that gives you somebody that can blow the top off, which is need ... just like a home-run hitter in baseball change the game, that's what this guy can do."

KETERIAN LEGRONE: "Another athlete. A hybrid that can do a lot of things for us," Walters said. "Can line up in the slot. Has the frame to create mismatches against linebackers and smaller defenders. We can line him up outside. He's going to put on some weight so he can play tight end as well. What we try to do is get playmakers -- guys get the ball in their hands and they can make something happen. I think we've done that with all the skill guys we've had in the past."

Added Held, "He's about 6-3, 230. He's a guy that will be a big wide receiver, but will grow into a tight end. At UCF, we had guys like him that we were able to line up at tight end and we get mistmatches on safeties and linebackers on pass routes. He kind of fits that. Antonio Gates with the Chargers right. ... He's a guy that will probably put on 15, 20 pounds in his career, and will line up as tight end, as a wing, then he'll line up out wide. You're not going to know where he's going to line up as a defensive coordinator. ... He can block the perimeter. We got to have some receivers that can block the perimeter with all the different RPO stuff that we do and screens and different stuff. So Keterian fits that."

DOMINICK WATT: "He came to our camp at UCF. Big, physical, fast. Got strong hands. Reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald," Walters said. "He's already mature enough physically to come in and play right away. We're looking forward to getting him in May and allowing him to get to work."

Added Held, "You can see that we're trying to get some speed down in Florida. We love our Midwest kids, but we do try to steal some Florida kids. Because these are the kids that have cleats in their car. And then when you call them out and say, 'Hey, I think I can beat you one on one.' They say, 'OK, we're going to go out in the parking lot and we're going to go one-on-one now.' That's what these kids are. They love playing football and they love competing. That's what we've known about being down in Florida. Those are the kind of kids we're bringing up to Nebraska, which is what we need on some of the skill spots.

"Dominick is a guy at Miramar (High School). ... We have a great connection down there at Miramar. He's a big, physical, 6-1, 200-pound guy, a guy on the edge that will come down and have a chance to come in and play. With our numbers being low at the wide receivers spot, we're able to get some of these guys that will have a chance. Dominick, he'll have a chance to play early. ... He's got a catch radius. He can catch balls very naturally."

ANDRE HUNT: "He's a kid from California. Good speed. Can get open, good route-runner, has got great hands," Walters said. "He also plays defense. We always look for toughness. The last two minutes of his highlights you'll see him as a corner who comes up and hits you. We want those physical receivers that can run. And once again, he gets the ball in his hands, he's going to make something happen."

Added Hunt, "He's a mutli-faceted guy, which we like. If we can get guys that can play both sides of the ball, that gives you a little more flexibility. In case you get in a pinch, a guy can move over. Andre is very talented. In this offense, we have to find guys that we can get in space and cause mismatches. You'll hear me talk about that a lot."