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t-Nebraska vs t-Ohio State Predictions

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  • Here are my thoughts on this game... be prepared I think this could be long winded.

    uh-hhmmmmmmmmmm ok

    This biggest issues that Nebraska is going to have in this game is stopping/containing Braxton Miller. This is the epitamy of "pick your poison", either you put 5-6 guys on the line (4 DL 1 LB 1 DB) and chase him all over the backfield, or you rush 4 and allow him to sit in the pocket and try to pick our secondary apart. If you rush 5-6 guys someone has to get home, and they have to finsih the tackle. Braxton has a uncanny ability to get out of tackles. With a swarming defensive mindset, if someone gets a hold of him and doesn't bring him down, the rest of the defense will be crashing on him as well. When that happens people get open and 10+ yards becomes very very easy. Braxton is deceptively strong, and his balance is as good as anyone we have on our roster if not better. (Pre Rex injury Rex had better balance) If we rush 5-6 and can't get home, that leaves 5 to cover 5 but 1-2 of ours will be a safety over the top leaving someone wide open for first down yardage.

    Now on the flip side we could go 3-4/4-3 and just play contain in the 2 gap system and dare Braxton to throw all night. This could be a terrible option as well, but Braxton has been known to made bad decisions just the like every other QB in the conference. We could try this and try to convert on those mistakes and hopefully our offense gets on a roll early.

    Nebraska's defense has a chance to slow down tOSU and force Braxton to make decisions early, but from what I understand he isn't that much different than Taylor in that he locks onto 1-2 WR's before the play and with a limited selection it doesn't take long to make a decisions. The D Line can get pressure and I am sure they will, but they have to get home when they do and the LB'ers have to have their heads on a swivle to protect Miller from getting into lanes for big yardage. I believe the secondary can limit the TE/WR's but it won't be perfect all night... but it will be a strong showing.

    The X factor in this is Hyde... Anyone still have nightmares about him running wild down Nebraska sidelines last year???

    He is a BIG back with speed enough to burn ya, he would just assume run over you than break your ankle, but he will break your ankle none the less. Scary offense top to bottom for tOSU especially if Urban gets into Bo/JP's head right out of the gate. If Nebraska can shut them down out of the gate, I really like Nebraska's chances to force Urban to take more risks and possibly hurt themselves more.

    my final thought for tOSU and their offense, I find is very much the same as Nebraska... they can't afford to turn the ball over and shoot themselves in the foot with bad penalties especially drive killing ones. Play within their system and don't force things and they will score 20-30(closer they get to 30 the high the winning chance) no problem.

    Nebraska on offense has a lot of ways to attack tOSU, and its going to take all of them to beat them at the shoe.

    Rex is going to have to ground it out as usual with Ameer coming in and picking up solid yards (4-6) per carry like he did against Wiscy in the 2nd half. Bell and Turner are going to have to get open and make big catches. I think QE needs to have the biggest game. tOSU is going to tee off on Bell and Turner, and I think QE is strong and big enough to take that contact and still get YAC. Also QE being the short yardage WR needs to pick some up critical 1st downs. Taylor is going to have to take care of the football better than he did last week. The OL is going to have to dominate the LOS just like they did last week if we want to have a shot at beating tOSU. Play action is going to be huge and setting up the ZR with traditional power running and short passing is going to be the key for us to be successful.

    Our DL/LB are going to have to continue to ride the train they borded last week and we need to limit terrible mistakes that we made last week in play calling and penalties in bad situations.

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  • The Bone Yard enjoys having our fellow B1G fans stop by...our deal is we respect everyone.

    How can one not be a homer, even if you think your team might lose? As you can see, we have differing opinions about the game ourselves due to the respect that we have for the Buckeyes.

    Interesting comment about the film, I'll just leave that to the coaches.

    I do think your concern about Braxton is valid. You have to know that the Huskers will try to hit him with all they've got on every play, and since he's 70-80% of your offense they will have many shots to hit him high, low and in-between with several Blackshirts. We don't wish him harm, just to reduce his ability to beat us.

    This team has the ability to win every game if they can only get out of their own way with turnovers and penalties. It should be interesting to see if they can do so in the Shoe.

    This is a very hungry team and coaching staff, they are on a mission and may find their way if they can play within themselves.

    NU 33 - tOSU 27
    NU - Brett Maher; OSU - Braxton Miller

    Re: the uniforms...consensus, not sure, but most everyone liked the black helmets, but the uniform #'s not being on the front chest and large was a problem and the cut of the pants seemed to be odd. I thought Wisky's looked bad.

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  • Bills2

    I was honestly OK with our jerseys. They could've been a little better, but they were way better then Wisconsin's

  • Scooby

    Great post josh. Enjoyed you explaining some of our different options on d.
    Watched some film and miller likes to take it outside. We have to play disciplined and tackle well.
    I like the idea of getting more speed on the field with cooper

    Btw- I think he is a good coach and great recruiter but urban is a snake. Was at Florida.

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  • ForeverNuts

    i don't know what the score will be... hopefully it's a great game!
    glad to have your team coming to town! those of you who are visiting, it will be a great experience..
    first time at OSU and at night... definately going to be a rowdy atmosphere..
    a lot of us buckeye fans respect your fan base a lot.. very respectful people.. speaking for a high percentage of our fanbase, we'll be rooting for you guys throughout the season, with the exeption of this week of course.. lol
    i'd rather lose to you guys than to michigan or michigan state (one of them down, one to go)tho! so like i said hopefully it's a good fun game..
    good luck this weekend! and may the best team win!

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  • Since there's plenty of Buckeye fans in here to comment, didnt' OSU move Stoneburner to WR this year?

  • Yes.....Stoney is a WR. He does a good job, but Braxton Miller needs to look for him more often.....that's the main reason his number of catches are limited.

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  • Stoneburner has been playing WR maybe since Spring practice. To date he has been almost totally absent in the offense.
    If I was Nebraska I would be just a little worried that this could be his breakout game.

  • Hey guys, buckeye fan here, firstly, I want to start off by congradulating you on your big win against whisky, and what a great addition you guys are to big ten. secondly, you guys run a first class board over here, as you will be glad to hear, others on the buckeye board have posted the same on our board that they have been impressed at how classy your fans have been. ok, score prediction, I think this is going to be a hard fought game in a noisey environment, I think it will be close, with ohio state on top 24-21. good luck, and may the best team win, with no injuries to either side. and good luck the rest of the year. oh and if you want to take a look at a real cesspool of a BB, go over to the michigan state board and take a look at the classless pieces of crap over there.

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  • I don't know if our coaching staff will be, but I know I am. He's definitely a match-up nightmare split out wide.

  • NU 45
    OSU 35

    MVP NU-Stafford/Bell
    OSU-Martinez. He'll give them 6

    Biggest concern 1st series both sides of the ball

    OSU will be porous and I believe we can expose some openings through the air and let ameer run wild with Rex. Like our matchup this year better than last. Think our secondary will have good chances at making some plays and Stafford coming up and drilling Miller will be fun to watch. Hope to see more corner blitz like the play Mitchell was hurt on.

    One more prediction, Rex to Bell, HB pass deep for 7.

  • TheUnknownFan

    I'll repeat here what I predicted on the tOSU site; Ohio State 27, Nebraska 20.

    Last week's game against Wiscy helped reinforce just how important turnovers are in a football game. If the turnovers are even last week, we probably win by 17-20 points. If we end up +2 like Wiscy did, (or a 4 turnover swing) we probably win by 24-30.

    Unfortunately, we are a turnover prone team. God love Rex, but he's been known to cough up some critical oskies. Ameer is more likely to fumble than Rex, and between running and passing, TM is more likely to turn it over than either one of them. Do it at home and you can overcome your errors. Do it on the road against a quality team, and we are not good enough to win. It's about that simple.

    I think we are improved and more mature. I don't think we will have a plethora of turnovers or a major meltdown, but unless we can force more mistakes than we make ourselves, our chances of winning are not good. Right now, I'm hoping for a game effort with minimal mistakes, where we can be in it to the finish and maybe win on a big play. What with tOSU out of the BCS hunt, this game amounts to kind of a mid-season bowl game for them. We will have to be composed, that's for sure.

    I will predict a couple of specifics:

    Jamal Turner throws a pass
    Rex will appear in the Wildcat
    Braxton Miller leaves the field at some point in time due to injury
    We have a chance to win or tie in the last 5 minutes.

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  • Alright boys THIS is the futre.

    Beck goes into the game feeling like he needs to throw the ball early to open up the run game. Taylor feels pressure after a bad start and starts to press. Nebraska loses 31 -24 .

    POG: Ohio State Dline for pressuring Taylor and forcing ill advised throws.

    One thing that worries me: Playing a big game after such a emotional vicotory for the team. Potential for a massive let down.

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  • They don't split Stoneburner out wide. And if they do, it is for WR screens or to block in the run game.

    He is basically an H-back that sits in the slot and is critical to their edge running game.

    When tOSU runs power, they have Boren and Stoneburner in with Hyde providing their lead blocking on the edge. Heuerman (86) interchanges with Boren and Stoneburner with Heuerman being their 'true' TE.

    Ohio State isn't concerned about the DE in getting to the edge and rely upon Stoneburner to seal the inside and Hyde and Boren to lead. They use Stoneburner, Heuerman, and Boren in a lot of edge blocking. They naturally assume they'll get to the edge faster than you can get there.

    Ohio State didn't utilize Stoneburner against MSU because he was most always covered by Chris Norman when he was slotted, or inside. Norman will be playing on Sundays and is the best LB that MSU has. When Stoneburner was outside, he was nothing more than a decoy route or he was blocking for WR screens.

    One thing that really sticks out is that Ohio State's WRs are very poor blockers. Smith and Brown are electric with the ball in their hand, but are easily overtaken by aggressive defensive players when trying to block. Stoneburner and Heuerman are moved to the slot and outside to give Ohio State a physical presence on their edge running plays and blocking for WR screens.

    Ohio State didn't even really try to run the ball between the tackles against Michigan State, but get their speed to the outside and look to get their WR's 1-on-1.

    The LB's for Michigan State were very impressive in that game. Ohio State put them to the test and they showed up well. Not sure our LB's will show up as well as MSU's did. And if they can't get Stoneburner 1-on-1 with Whaley, or Fisher, or even our NB's, look for them to attack us 1-on-1 with their WR's.

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  • Very good analysis, Skerz!

    None of this is new to Bo, and I'm sure he knows how to scheme for Urban, we just need our guys to show up B1G time.

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  • Scheming is one thing, having the players to pull it off is another.

    Ohio State 'bunched' early with some success against Michigan State, but then tried to spread them out after their halftime adjustments. They had some success with both of their attacks in that game, but ultimately were only able to score 17 points due to the solid play from MSU's LB unit. Norman was awesomeness for MSU. He lets them do so many things defensively due to his presence and abilities it is scary. He is a flat out stud.

    Undoubtedly Ohio State has some film of the UCLA game in which they spread us out and killed us with 1-on-1 matchups.

    Not too mention, they have a wildcard in Miller. Urban fully expects him to make the first guy miss, or to make the free guy on defense unaccountable for because of the dynamic his QB brings to the table.

    Urban and OSU's offense will stress you defensively from sideline to sideline, and they are physical on their edge runs in the blocking schemes.

    Our DE's and LB's have to show up big time. Our DB's have to be physical.

    This is easily our toughest test this season on both sides of the ball.

  • I don't know if Santos and Cooper are ready for this contest, but we need their kind of speed along with Ciante to play big. Compton needs to have his best game, yet. Safety play is going to be critical, and Baker needs to play like a man possessed.

    Janovich needs to blow up their LB's, we need for him to have a great game.

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  • I've been thinking about my score prediction and I have to admit it is homerish (is that a word? LOL!!)

    I can't stand behind my prediction because the Huskers have yet to play consistently in big games. I really do not know what to expect from them from game to game.

    Sadly, what I can expect is that Nebraska will meltdown at some point in the game, and who knows how long it lasts. Nebraska has thrown up on itself in every big game (Wisky, Ohio State, Michigan, South Carolina) since last season, except Sparty last year. The only time they have been able to pull their head out was Saturday. Sorry fellow Huskers, if Miller does not go down we do not win that game last year.

    I really really want to think that this team turned a corner and came of age in the second half Saturday, but to do so would be because I am drinking the nebraskakoolaid

    I am hard pressed to predict a straight faced win until the last three weeks (Penn State, Minnesota Iowa) of the season and even that worries me.

  • From what we saw at UCLA and how they played on the road last year ..Tmart starts to choke and do stupid stuff like we saw at UCLA..Baker looked good last week,but he'll have a heck of a time going up against OSU line..For us to win we can't be turning the ball over and hopefully the line can give TMart some time to throw the ball..

    As much as i like too see Nebraska win ,OSU will beat them by 38 OSU NU 24..Hopefully im wrong...

  • Hi Nebraska fans!

    Way to beat Wisky last weekend. Not trolling, but I wondered what was going on over here (I am a Buckeye). Sounds a lot like our board, worried as hell, trying to maintain confidence. Well, you're right about Braxton, he should be your biggest worry. However, that may play right into OSU's hands. Expect Meyer and Co. to go for broke from the first play. They think the secondary is suspect and had we executed a few weeks ago, the first play was a bomb TD that didn't happen. My point is, don't focus everything on Miller. Yes, he is a threat and as most people think, OSU is one-dimentional. That is where the flaw is. OSU will pound, pound, pound Carlos Hyde and it's backs. Just when you expect another Hyde rush, OSU will hit the TE down the seam and he's gone. Your secondary better bring it or it will be a rough day (not taunting, just saying). OSU has several hard-running backs. Finesse runner, Jordan Hall is out. That means the screens to Hall are out, which means the bull-rushing is back in with Hyde. If you keep Hyde under 100 yards, expect to win. You won't contain Miller, but he can't win the game single-handedly. He won't rush 35 times, that's the good news. However, the X-Factor is not Miller, it is Hyde and TE Jake Stoneburner. All year, Miller has not been keying Stoneburner, and last year he was one of our best, as you know. He's been a non-factor this year, but that is miller's fault, not Stoney's. If I'm NU, I focus on containing Hyde and Stoney, with a watchful eye (on the first series) on Devin Smith (playmaker). Not elite, but finds a way to make the play.

    You definitely know your football, joshwfo and Skerz. Your analyses are good. A few tidbits and then I'm done...

    Our Defense is much better than advertised. Our DC has taken a lot of criticism because he has the keys to a lot of talent but can't seem to deliver. Now, the talent is good, the LB's a little suspect and the DBs have flashes of brilliance and then their fair share of idiocy. However, if you look at the the defensive playcalling from game-togame, the defense has become much more aggressive and here's why. The DB's are playing much more man-press 1-1 coverage, which , will force TMart to pass because he'll have 1-2 safeties either (a) blitzing him or (b) shadowing his every move. I believe Urban and Company puts its money on "stop the run and make TMart beat us with the pass". That's why my prediction is whoever throws the most INT's loses. Braxton is suspect in forced passing downs as well. Look for a few key freshman to get PT on the DL. very talented pass rushers. Yes, we stopped MSU from running at all (34 yards), but that was in a pro-style attack. NU is a spread attack and that has a lot of us on our board very worried. Screens kill us. That's all I will say.

    Just a few quick things: If we didn't have Meyer, I'd want Bo Pelini in a heartbeat. He's from my hometown and he's the man. You have a great coach. Hopefully no one at NU is teabagging him for every little thing. He's a good one. Lot of heart and a lot of passion for the game.

    Regardless of the outcome of the game, beat some SEC team's ass later this year in a bowl game since we can't have an opportunity to do it ourselves.

    I was reading through your "predictions" and the best one I saw (sorry I didn't copy or quote it) was a prediction of 31-31 going into OT. In the end, I see the winner being the team that throws the least INT's. Braxton and TMart are very similar in that neither is a strong passer from a decision standpoint. That's what I see.

    It's going to be a great game.

    Finally, one of my best friends is a great NU fan and even before you joined the B1G, he told me everything I ever wanted to know about NU. By the way, FWIW, he hated the new jerseys. I told him I liked the helmets though. NU seems like a classy place with a great fan base.

    I'll take any UV's you'll throw my way.

    Stay Classy, and Good Luck.

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  • klein12

    Great stuff there Dublic8tor... honestly I feel like these teams are basically mirror images of each other at this moment. The only difference being you guys pulled it out against Cal and couldn't against UCLA. It should be a fun game, the 8 O'Clock start annoys me... a little late, but oh well.

    Thanks for the kind words about Bo... people are getting restless in this state right now, a win this weekend would go a long way (well at least until the next game biggrin) Should be a good game.

  • I didn't really think about it much until you said it. Our teams do seem to be mirror images of each other. Maybe that's why both fan bases are having a tough time being confident going into this. Whichever way it goes, the shoe will be rocking, and it should be fun to watch on TV. Anyone going to the game should pop into Bucknuts and get some advice on places to go and things to do while they are in town.

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  • He's on the depth chart as a WR now. That was my point. Not at TE, which you indicated earlier.

    They haven't done a very good job of utilizing him so far this year, but the fact is over 60% of OSU's plays this year have been run from the 3-wide, 1-back set, with Heuerman as the TE. So unless he's playing QB, tailback, or lineman, I'd say that qualifies as being split out wide.

  • A couple years ago, didn't we move Mike McNeil from TE to WR and watch him disappear into obscurity?