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Worst drive ever?

  • The drive from Bllomfield, NE all the way to Gallup, New Mexico is an awfully boring drive. When you drive across western Kansas in the middle of a summer night, all you see is blinking lights on the irrigation systems. Driving from Lincoln all the way to Biloxi, Mississippi is also a pretty bad drive. Especially when you stop for gas in a sketchy part of Kansas City. The cop at that gas station gave us a look that plainly said, WTF are you doing here! HAHA!! Driving through all the curvy roads, at night, in Arkansas isn't that much fun either!!

  • I've driven many roads across this country from Va.Beach to Rapid City; Lincoln to Phoenix, Fargo to Dallas. One of my worst & most times driven was Lincoln to Rapid City via Broken Bow & Chadron across the Sandhills. I use to make this trip during breaks from UNL when I was in school. I agree that eastern Colorado is one of the flatest drives you can make and you cheer when you hit Kansas. The most nerve wracking drive Durango CO to Ouray CO - you won't text on that drive. Best highway signs used to be the speed limit signs in Montana - Reasonable and prudent - was the speed limit. Driving across eastern Wyoming or Montana is the most desolate for the longest distances. The most desolate is northeast Arizona or southern Utah, its not the middle of nowhere but you can see it from there.


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