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The Story of the Season?

  • I hope so and would have to say I don't think Cooper would perform any worse and at least we would be getting a young guy playing time for the future. Maybe we will see some changes over the next few weeks similar to changes in the secondary after the OSU game two years ago.

  • Generally, I think the D is Bo's responsibility. The jury is still out on his staff because there are so many new people and I don't think they have not had time to mesh yet. The only thing that is certain is that they are all hand-picked by Bo because of their compatibility with him on a professional and personal basis.

    I think the defensive scheme is clearly Bo's. The issues with the D are multiple, but I don't believe we can scheme our way out of them. There are major issues with the front 7. Compton and EMart have had a few good moments and Baker had one good half against Wiscy, but the rest just don't have it. So I guess I don't think there is much for a coach to work with there.

    The secondary is a different story. I think there are some good athletes there and perhaps a more experienced coach than Joseph could get more out of them. Stay tuned here, I think there could be some significant improvement here if Joseph can get this group focused and aggressive.