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"TM will be the starter until he graduates."

  • Its hard to do a NEW thread on TM because EVERYTHING had been said about him before. So nothing new here.

    However what good does a "gifted QB or athlete" do for any football program when he does not win games in the spotlights,,,EVER?. e.g.: Wisconsin, Michigan and South Caroline last year, UCLA and OSU this year! One can sugar coat the reasons why is not an efficient QB but it wont make a difference about his history

    If Bo wants to keep him and not consider another QB then we all just need to reluctantly accept that premise. If TM is Nebraska's best then the program is going nowhere in the near future and potential top notch recruits will shy away from us; a perception of a mediocre program.

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  • I agree. Could this be one of the issues that is causing problems with the husker players? Bo's unwavering dedication to TM playing QB no matter it may cost the team a win or not may create the underlying issues within the team it self.

    TM is a great athletic but his skill set is more in line for a receiver or DB, I'm not doubting TM athletic ability but I do have a problem with him as our starting QB.

    What do you guys think?

  • klein12

  • This team will go as far as Taylor can carry them. He IS the best playmaker on this team. The only other guys that make outstanding plays are Rex and Kenny.

    I have said since before the season started that we needed to have a run-based offense and the key was to have Taylor run the ball aggressively. The last two games Taylor has run tough, and the rushing game has been effective in both the games. The only consistently excellent part of our game is the rushing offense. We have the runners in Taylor and Rex and we have the OL to make it happen. Abdullah is a good back up to Rex, but he is not Rex.

    Our passing attack is very inconsistent. Though most want to lay this entirely on Taylor's inconsistency, we also have an OL that is below average in pass protection and our receiving corps is good, but not outstanding. Kenny is good on the intermediate and deep routes, but he lacks the strength to be consistently good on the short routes. He occasionally gets over powered. Enunwa is strong and can catch the ball, but he doesn't make the great catches that Kenny does. Reed is a good receiver but he lacks the aggressive mentality of a great TE.

    Our D is not just bad, it is terrible. The problem is lack of talent. Evans, Compton and Martin are good players, and they OCCASIONALLY make excellent plays, but they are really just slightly above average D1 players. The rest of the players on D are below average D1 players.

    So.... we are going to have to outscore teams to beat them. We are rarely going to make a play on D that turn a game around, maybe never.

    and so... we are going to have to depend on the O and Taylor has got to be the guy. There is no one else.

    There are two different paths to take IMHO, both depend on the O.
    1. Emphasize the running attack so that we have a 70/30 run/pass ratio or higher. More designed runs for Taylor, especially in critical situations inside our own 40 yard line. Throw the ball vertically down the field where Taylor seems to have a better feel rather than across the field, where he seems to have difficulties. Rather than hurry the plays, use the clock to advantage to keep the opposing O off the field.

    2. Continue with the passing attack as is and figure that Beck/Martinez are going to improve. Some say that there is no way that the passing attack will improve, but I think that is not a forgone conclusion. Our OL has some talent. They have proved that in the rushing game. The pass protection should improve as the season progresses. Taylor/Beck should continue to improve in their play calling and Taylor should improve in his execution. They are in their second season together, and there is no reason to believe that they will not improve.

    Since we are already down path 2. I would continue it. I do believe we need to score 40 points a game or more to win the championship, and I am not optimistic, but we may as well shoot for it.

  • Who do we have thats any better? Who gives us any more chance to win? Exactly. TM is our QB. He will be the next 1.5 years. We will win some games. We will lose a few too. We are better with him leading this team then any other player on our roster.