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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I continue to get updates?

In order to continue to get recruiting updates and access to premium content, we are asking that you complete the merge process and activate your account on the 247Sports Network. The process is simple and easy and only takes about a minute to complete. Go here to get started and activate you account now!

Do I get credit for my current membership on the previous network?

Yes. Absolutely. Because of our contract with the previous network, we are not permitted to transfer your account over to 247Sports. However, we recognize that you are a loyal subscriber. In fact, many of you have been with us for more than a decade. We value your loyalty and support, and will absolutely honor your account going forward. If you are a monthly or annual subscriber we are honoring your account for the time you previously paid for on the other network. The bottom line is that we are going to give you what you paid for.

Why do I have to supply my credit card information?

We need your account and credit card information to verify you as a subscriber. We cannot activate your account without this information. Remember, your credit card will NOT be charged until your next renewal date.

Why did leave the previous network?

The contract our parent company had with our previous network was not renewed. We had a great run there, but it’s time to move on. In fact, we are more excited about the future than ever. We are now in a position to give your more – more breaking news, more updates, more message board interaction and more advanced product features. For example, check out the amazing mobile/wireless site for, and that’s only the beginning.

Will the content plan change?

We have always taken great pride in providing users with the most up-to-date Nebraska team and recruiting news. It has always been our goal to give you the most content, breaking news and be available on the message boards to talk and answer your questions. From that perspective, nothing will change. But we plan to take it up a notch. The new 247Sports message board technology will allow us to have a more controlled message board environment and allow us to be around more often to interact and answer questions.

It appears that I have a different nickname/handle than what I entered during the activation process. How do I get my original nickname/handle back?
There is a chance that when you activate your account that (1) you may already have your nickname in your possession if you previously registered with 247Sports, or (2) someone else has registered and requested your former/previous nickname. If your nickname isn't available during the merge/activation process, the system will automatically assign you a new nickname with a site-specific prefix before your nickname. We value your loyalty and will work hard to do our best to assist you in getting your original nickname back, or a suitable alternative. If you do not have your desired nickname after activation is complete, please email your first and last name, email address and desired nickname to

What do I do with my subscription to the other network?

Activating your account on 247Sports does not impact any previous subscription/memberships on other networks. What you do with your other account is up to you. But remember, there is only one and it's on 247Sports.

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