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Eichorst talks first week on job

New Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst made his first monthly radio show appearance Tuesday since taking over as athletic director last week.

Eichorst said the day since he arrived at Nebraska this fall has been a learning experience as he has worked alongside Chancellor Harvey Perlman and former Athletic Director Tom Osborne to get a better sense of the University and the athletic department. Eichorst met with all the the academic deans at the University and spent time with Osborne talking about what has worked and not worked at Nebraska.

Eichorst said he has seen Osborne nearly ever day since he took over full time last week and feels as though he has a handle on the University. Eichorst called the transition “unique and smooth.”

“I've certainly tried to approach it like I have any other day,” Eichorst said of the last week. “I try to come in and be consistent, be patient and observant. I said all along I come in with no agenda. I want to listen and learn from all the good folks here including Coach Osborne. He's only a few steps away and I've seen him almost everyday over the course of the last few days.”

Eichorst said he has met with all of Nebraska's head coach as a group and most of the executive staff and managers in the athletic department thus far. Eichorst said he was able to see a number of home football games and volleyball games this fall.

During his appearance on the radio show, Eichorst touched on a number of topics:

Football and Volleyball

“My perspective is that any time you can compete for championships and make a run into the tournament with volleyball getting into the Elite eight, was a huge and remarkable achievement. In football, playing for a conference championship and playing on January 1, is something that many, many programs wish they could do. There's room for improvement. Both of those programs would suggest that's the case. So I think we're in good shape and I think we need to keep pounding the rock and keep finding the best and the brightest to come here and represent out institution.”

On the competitiveness of the Big Ten in college football

“The evidence suggests we have some room to grow. I think we're very competitive in the Big Ten, having been in the SEC at South Carolina and having been in the ACC at Miami, and at Wisconsin and here at Nebraska, The proof is in the pudding. All of us have some work to do to make strides towards those things that the Southeastern Conference is getting done...I think all of us understand we have to continue to strive and part of that is winning the recruiting battles and hopefully we can get that done.”

On adding Rutgers and Maryland to the Big Ten

“Those two schools are exceptional institutions academically and they fit what the Big Ten is all about. Geographically they kind of fit where we are going.”

On Twitter

“I think you need to look at all those things. I have not been a tweeter or a follower as of yet, but that's something we're going to look at down the road. I understand it's mainstream and a lot of people communicate that way, so we'll take a look at it. I know there are a few fake ones out there so maybe I can make a legitimate one.”

On Tim Miles and the basketball program

Tim Miles and his program are certainly a work in progress. I think everybody is understanding of that and patient of that. I think he's a super ambassador for our program. He has great charisma, he's positive. He's built programs, he knows how to do it and he does it patiently and laid a strong foundation. What you saw Sunday (against Wisconsin) is progress. They played with great effort and that's what you're going to need night in and night out to compete in the Big Ten.”

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